• I was so excited to get my MettaBotanica face wash in the mail! As someone who is always looking for an actual natural ingredient face wash I am thrilled that this wash has left my skin feeling awesome! I believe that if you can't eat it you probably shouldn't slather it on your skin, so this has been really great and smells amazing. This has been a harsh winter and since I've been using this stuff the eczema over my eyes has gone away, and my pores look smaller without feeling like I've drained my skin of all its moisture. I love this
    Veronica Modini , Customer
  • So pleased with my face cleanser from MettaBontanica! My order shipped right away and arrived super quickly. I couldn't wait to try the product and wow - I had no idea my face was craving this food as much as it was. The cleanser is a perfect balance: the grains of the ground up almond flour and oats provides a super gentle exfoliating affect that makes my face feel fresh and clean, and the natural essential oils in the lavender and rose hips leaves my skin feeling moisturized and protected. I read about how matcha is loaded with antioxidants, helping
    Rebecca Asmussen, Customer
  • I LOVE this face cleanser. When I read that it was 'edible' I had to try a little bit.. I must say, it is quite tasty 🙂 It's been wonderful to ween myself off of 'natural' cleaners that are filled with all sorts of nonsense - in favor of a product that is actually "Simple, gentle and pure." I struggle with oily skin and blemishes - I found that this cleaner naturally balances my sebum production .. leaving my face super soft, healthy looking and feeling. Nicole had my product in the mail immediately after I placed my order, she is very
    Katie Egan , Customer
  • I love this cleaner. My face is starting to look a lot better since I've used it.
    Heather Myers , Customer
  • I like the fact that the ingredients are all natural and smell good enough to eat. I feel that I am treating my face to a good "diet". It makes me feel healthy all over!

    E Hunter, Customer
  • IN LOVE with this cleanser! My biggest problem with it is that I want to eat it everytime I smell it so getting it to my face is sometimes a challenge! 🙂 I have suffered with acne much of my adult life thus far & nothing ever works longterm & usually winds up stripping my face of necessary oils, etc. I have given this cleanser a 3 month trial and have to say..I haven't had any major breakouts since I started using it and the one or 2 I do get during my moon cycle are

    Nella Bombardieri , Customer
  • Where do I start. Prior to using the Matcha + Rosehips Herbal Face Cleanser, my face was rough and patchy. Since incorporating this product into my skin care regimen, my skin has been softer with no patchy spots at all. Also, I had some really bad build up on my nose, this cleanser has completely exfoliated the dead skin away in a gentle manner. I highly recommend this product to people of all skin types (mine is sensitive), as well as, those of all ages. I finally look forward to cleansing my face each day 🙂

    jayordy87, Etsy Client